Sunday, May 24, 2015

Doodle City, Doo Wah Ditty.  Once again, tiny 4 x 6 in. max.   Sky, stars, land.   Gouache added later to intensify the color and adjust the hues.   Gouache is the added medium.  2015 

Below is a doodle with something like first Snow int he Mountains written in pencil on the bottom.    approx. 4 x 6 in.    2015.   
It was a cold cold winter in the DC area the year I moved to Maryland after 9 years away, (2015 January, record 4 degrees F the day we moved my stuff into my apt. )
not at all sure I wanted to be there, but family is a the magnet,  2 daughters still live in the area and one grand.   As God would have it my son is assigned to the Pentagon, putting 3 of my 4 in the DC area at once.   I am amazed.  

Another doodle thinking of snow coming in the winter.   4 x 6 in.
oops, this is not a doodle after all.   And it is not snow either.   This is a sketch done in Maine, I believe at Birch Point Beach State Park.  It just looked like snow and was right next to the above snow sketch.  I'm sure it was unfinished, because the sand up there is NOT white.  I was working on the colors in the sky and water and rocks.....2014 summer.

Just colors and tree and landscape.   4  x 6 in.  I think the one below is out of my head. 2014
From Maine at Sprucehead Marina, - approx. 4 x 6 in. --that tiny house across the water (or mud flats depending on the tide) ....this one the tide is in, as you can see.   2014 July.

Sketch below done during the hour in which my teacher was doing his demo.   I sit with my tiny travel paints in my lap and my post card size Watercolor paper sketch book.  Here is a little covered boat and an uncovered boat, both on stands, being ready for work, I suppose.   approx. 4 x 6 in.

And this is one below of my fellow painters during a different demo by our illustrious teacher,  David Dewey. --approx. 4  x 6 in.    I was fascinated by the colors in the sketch.   The person across the way, facing us, was actually an attractive lady, but my sketch made her look like a basketball player.  Ha ha, no offense.  Just was concentrating on the colors -experimenting with various ways to make gray.  2014  

Here is another view of Birch Point Beach State Park, --approx. 4 x 6 in.--where we often go in the Master Watercolor Class each year.  

Now then, this one below was painted at the Land, Sea and Air Museum on Mechanic's Street, Rockland, Maine--approx.  4 x 6 in.  - 2014.   I did add to it later like I do with many of the others, with gouache, messing with the colors, trying to adjust to what the painting seemed to want.  Often it is just an experiment.   What if I layer over this particular shade of yellow, what will it do to the work?  

My dear friend, Joan, and I went to Monheghan Island and painted the day after the Master Watercolor Workshop in 2012? or 2013?  There is this great red house there,  probably painted by artists already a zillion times.  Approx. 4 x 6 in.  I did, as with many of the others, find this later at home and  add layers and layers of gouache to adjust the colors like one can do in oils and acrylics but supposedly cannot do in Watercolor.  I wonder what it's like to rent this house and stay there a night, or a week of nights, on Mohegan Island.  Thank you, Joan.

Another Sprucehead Scape below, Sprucehead Marina, Maine.  
This is one of my faves!   long and thin.  But I love the colors and the feel of it.   It is the same scene of the tiny house across the water/ mud flats that may of us paint ..... ( See 7 paintings above)  We can't help it; it is just an intriguing scene with that little house peeking out from behind the trees across the bit of water.  So what I like about this is the color.   It seems right and didn't need going over with gouache.  2014 
Approx. 3  x  9 in.  

Please don't wonder what these doodles mean.  I don't  know.   The clown like one on the left - approx. 4 x 6 in.  was done while painting with my grand daughter, Genius #3 and it was just what came off my paintbrush.   The Lady with the somewhat yellow face and black hair, same thing,  - approx. 4 x 6 in. --it just is.   Last night I added some yellow streaks in gouache and tried to soften the yellowness but it is STILL yellow.  Never mind.  

This one - also 4 x 6 in.  --only reminds me of those toys we had as kids in the 50's that stood and had a weighted bottom so that if you bopped it and tried to knock it over, it always stayed upright.  This too was done while painting with Genius # 3.

At the Stress Test Doctor's Office.  Approx.  4 x 6 in.   I drew in black-brown fountain pen and when I got home that night I "colored" it in with gouache.  The colors look all brown and dull but I will probably add more depth of color on certain parts to make it more interesting and balanced.  This is a very nice doctor and his staff is quality and caring.  Although it was tedious to wait in his freezing cold waiting room for 4 hours, their kindness made up for it.  Inside this tiny closet like space was the receptionist.   There is still such thing as "The Good Doctor".
The flippers, Waiting to be Flipped.   Approx. 4 x 5 in.
And the pool bag, clear acrylic making it easy to see the various things inside:  Shampoo, ear drops, goggles, cap, shower wash, comb and so on.
I mean, it was just sitting there in front of me, so that's what I painted.
Oak Village Poolside from Table One by the entrance at Sunset

Wave and Heavy Skies

approx. 12 x 30 in.

The one I  threw in the give away pile.
It was just too much.   I was exhausted physically and mentally from emptying out my  Dad's house of his and mom's things, my things, and my sister's things.   We had the garage sorted with piles of trash, stuff to haul to the thrift store and stuff to take.  I was out of large boxes and just didn't like this enough to pack it and carry it to my next home.   I was spent.  But my dear daughter-in-law wanted it.  And now it is in their home.   Happy ending.  I always loved the sky but my waves still look like concrete sometimes.